I was going to take Ti Craft over, but I had no idea what you were trying to do. Now I am making monopoly so I cant take it over.
Sorry bout that AES I know that my coding is not that efficent so I understand if you couldn't understand the code. hey want to Join the Kingdom of Stars team (its an RPG development team for the Kingdom of Stars RPG that me and a couple of friends are making and we need more members to help out.)?
I dont know how much I could help, but sure. It could be a good learning experience. Although monopoly would come first.
spud2451 wrote:
Well Kerm a couple of friends an I are making an online futuristic RPG.
other than that not much. Did anyone take over TI-Craft? If not I might go back to it.
I'd strongly support you resuming TI-Craft, if you feel ready to come back to it without becoming frustrated with it. Smile And I hope we're able to help you understand enough PHP / HTML / JS to make your RPG.
Well Kerm I have started somthing a little more managable... I'm writing the game in a diffirent language. You can check out the engine http://www.byond.com/. This is guna be a futuristic gladiator game with quests intertwined to give the user a chance to get extra items and level up.
I'm going to guess that it's safe to say that you left the IRC channel, and didn't catch me asking you to create a topic on wanting to do 3D in TI-Basic Smile So, I'll just go ahead and leave this here for you (and I still would like you to create a topic later on this, if you don't mind).

sure I'll make a new topic on kingdom of stars and one on ti basic 3D
I just found an awesome Android custom ROM.
It's for the HTC Wildfire S.

Edit by Catherine: Removed download link
spud2451 wrote:
I just found an awesome Android custom ROM.
It's for the HTC Wildfire S.

Edit by Catherine: Removed download link
Sharing of ROMs is highly questionable. Can you link to the website for the developers who legally created this custom operating system instead?
Hey I'm back sorry for not being here for a while. here's an update on whats going on. haven't done a lot in the past week or so but the things I have worked on are:
1. kingdom of stars
2. rooting my phone
3. my drumming
4. trying to start a band with a few friends
5. trying to make an android launcher
6. a giant cream-cycle hotel in Minecraft

If any of you are interested in hearing some of the bands music when we start to record just say so and I'll post a link to the download(this may be a few weeks though). I may also put it on youtube.

If any of you guys want to see the giant cream-cycle hotel just
post a request and I'll put up a screenshot. (I ask this because I don't want to clutter up this thread with pics if I don't have to)
Cool, a band! I personally want(ed) to start finding a band to play my Electric Bass along with, but to be honest, my dad tells me from his experience (3 bands, 20+ years of high-caliber guitar play) that bands take a lot of time and cause a lot of bickering, so I kind of made a heckno.jpg face towards that idea. Hope it goes smoothly for you! Smile
thanks. ya we'll most likely have some fights but you know what thats just waht happens with bands and if we do hopefully we can get through them. If we don't I hope we can get a few songs out or have a few good jam sessions just so we're not a total failure.
hey the bands going well and we got a few song ideas but they are not yet recorded. But that's not my main thing I wanted to talk about. The main thing is that I realized that kingdom of stars is far too big for me and I'm stopping development on it until I get a bigger team to help me (Because to tell me the truth my friends weren't very helpful or supportive of this project). I'm moving on to something more manageable. I'm not so sure what this exactly is so I'll put it this way...
You write the code in a .txt file, put the .txt and any other needed files (pictures or libraries) in the same directory as my program, run my program and it will make the code work.

so far I have the commands:


    this shows the program window

    this hides the program window

wait [# of miliseconds]
    this will pause the program for the specified amount of time

    this shows the debug console

    this hides the debug console


graphic.show [pic directory] [x] [y]
    this shows a graphic at the specified coordinates in the window
    the pic directory can be:

               this starts it at the program directory


            any directory on the computer


            a URL

please tell me what you think would be useful to add

so that's my new project and I'll post a video sometime soon
Please try to use proper grammar; no one is going to take you seriously if you type like that. I'm not exactly sure what your program is supposed to do, but I hope you're able to complete it. What language is written in?
Its written in MS Small BASIC and sorry for the bad grammar I was in a rush.
Are you thinking of adding more graphics commands, such as lines, points, text, colors, etc, or are those already part of the language?
ya I'm going to add them to the command list. but what I'm really looking to add is variables and arrays to the interpreter.
Those sound like very useful tools Smile

By the way, "ya" sounds like "yuh" and is short for "you".
"yea" sounds like "yay" and means "yes" (as in "yea or nay").
"yah" rhymes with "jaw", and sounds like a German "yes".
"yeah" has the 'a' sound as in "apple", and means "sure" or "yes".
Also, sentences tend to start with capital letters. I'm just sayin': the shift key is generally under-appreciated and could use some love Smile
Thanks and again sorry for the bad grammar.

Here's an example of the syntax


10                     //this is how many lines your program is (this tells the interpreter how many times to loop, this can be used to debug the code)
win.title             //this will set the windows title
picture1             //this is what the windows title will be set to
win.show           //this will open a new window
graphic.fit.show //this will show a graphic fitted to the window
0                       //this is the top left corners x position
0                       //this is the top left corners y position
progdir\pics\pic1 //this is the picture's directory
wait                   //this will make the program pause
10000               //this is how long the program will pause for in miliseconds
win.hide             //this will hide the window
That syntax looks extraordinarily messy... my brain hurts looking at it, in fact (not that I don't understand it, but rather how you just throw constant numbers to denote lines and parameters on their own lines...) Maybe a consideration, check for the number of lines automatically, and have functions show like "wait 10000"?
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