I've Finished SprEdit and I will upload it when I get home.
Its very simple to use just draw the the 8x8 sprite then run SprEdit and ti ads it to the sprite-sheet in pic 9.
spud2451 wrote:
I've Finished SprEdit and I will upload it when I get home.
Its very simple to use just draw the the 8x8 sprite then run SprEdit and ti ads it to the sprite-sheet in pic 9.
Other than a few spelling and grammar errors, I get the idea; very nice! Be sure to upload it the archives with a nice readme and some screenshots when you get a chance. Smile
I just finished a new game called Phyz Blocks. I'll email anyone the html file if they want to play it or even imbed it in their site. I made it in a program called Scratch that allows you to make games in a drag and drop style but it still took a few days to make. Thanks MIT for Scratch!
Would you be against putting it online so that people can play with it quickly?
sure is there a way to imbed it in a post
No, but if you already have Dropbox, you can put it in your Public folder (as a .html and .js, or whatever files you are using) and then give that link to someone, and we'll be able to view it.
I posted it on MediaFire to download

You need to have the .jar file uploaded, also. If you want, I could try to host it, though I'd rather you just throw it on Dropbox, if possible Smile Also, don't forget to put the .sb file in the same folder as the .jar and the .html files.
do you use scratch? how did you know that the extension is .sb
I checked the source Smile
i cant give the .jar but i can give the Scratch source
You can't give the .jar, but you _can_ upload it to Dropbox and let us download it for the use of your script. There's no way they would say "no distributing this jar" because that's the only way people can play the game you made. But, post the .sb code here so we can see it (Unless it's not textual, in which case, don't Smile).
Phyz Blocks is hosted on the scratch site and when you upload the game to the side you upload the source/.sb file and then it turns it in to a java applet. They don't give access to the jar file for some reason but it is under The Creative Commons License. which means that any one has access to the code.

here's the download: http://www.mediafire.com/?pu2anwqbs8gxvrp
(download includes: html file and .sb file)
I downloaded it. It involves something with blocks. And a green thing on the bottom. And a flag in the top right. Care to include some instructions or a readme? Razz
You should find yourself a little bit of webspace where you can host that, Spud, assuming that the HTML file + the JAR file is sufficient for playing the game. I've actually heard of MIT's Scratch project in discussions with my colleagues about toy/learning languages in the context of some of the projects that I have worked on and that they are thinking about, so it's neat to see someone actually using it.
I've actualy modefied it to add new blocks (the things that you use to make the scripts) and add new features like mesh for multi player games

The mod is here: http://www.bonesprogramming.weebly.com/
Your site has a typo in its header: the word is "Forums", not "Fourms". Smile Do you mean you added new blocks to the language itself, or to your program? I'm assuming the latter, though.
I added new blocks to the language so now that you can even look up somthing on google with a single block. It took months and was a pain in the neck to do but it was worth it to acomplesh somthing so big for me. You should check out the site and download the image to try it out.
Ps. You'll need scratch to us the image if you do at all
Check out the scratch site at: http://www.scratch.mit.edu/
Check out the bones mod at: http://www.bonesprogramming.weebly.com
In that case, congratulations on your persistence and success. I haven't seen you around on Cemetech for a while, so on the off-chance that you're watching this thread, what's happening with you and your projects these days? Anything new and exciting in the works?
Well Kerm a couple of friends an I are making an online futuristic RPG.
other than that not much. Did anyone take over TI-Craft? If not I might go back to it.
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