I went to play the Wii but one of the remote's battery ran out (because I hadn't used them in so long). So I opened up the back and noticed one of the batteries was leaking a clear liquid.
I'm a kid, lol, so curiosity killed the cat! I touched it.. without even thinking, but it didn't burn or anything. I just ran to the bathroom and washed it off well with soap and water. Then I came back and threw the battery away and put new ones in. The bad thing is that after we finished playing the wii, we went to eat and there was tons of finger foods like corn and stuff.. so I'm a little scared. Will I be okay?
Chances are if your throat does not burn you are probably fine. If you still feel in doubt call the poison control center.
You'll be fine.
Nice post, Mr. Spambot! But you failed at the urls in your signature.
Seconded, proof he is a spam bot: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110716152611AAfb1sp
Question, did it taste good? If so, it was probably worth it.
qazz42 wrote:
It was pretty obvious from the signature, but thanks. Smile Anyway, let's leave this topic alone for now.
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