I feel like we might have previously discussed this, but why the Ogre3D library, and how big is it?
Ogre3D supports rendering for both OpenGL and DirectX on both windows, linux, mac, iOS, and others. I use it because I like the abilities of the rendering engine and of the other plugins/effects it offers (BSP loading, water effects, volumetric cloud/sky rendering, etc.) I would say that it is on the large side, but it may be worth it with rendering.

(One such goodie that I can finally use (as I am using an island) is Hydrax just because it gives great water effects.)
Islands may not get greyscale because it will not leave enough CPU time for the rest of the code. Right now, it will need to handle graphics, networking, game logic (server-wise), and input. The input is done non-stop and the rest (except the non-existant networking) is done on a timer basis.
I will have to rework the code for this. Why? The game engine, drawing, key events, everything is in one function, and SDCC is killing me about it. Also, a shake-up in the APi is due, so everything must change :-\
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