I think it'd be interesting to see a calculator emulator use hqx scaling as an option for the display scaling. Thoughts?
The PindurTI front-end bundled with Latenite and Brass 3 includes a smooth2x and smooth3x magnification filter, but it's clearly not as good as hqx:

For what it's worth, Microsoft's recent paper on Depixelizing Pixel Art is an interesting read. It produces scalable vector images from pixel art, and does a rather good job of it IMO.
I thought the point of emulators was to see how programs will look on-calc without going through the hassle of actually transferring it after each small revision? Granted, it might be cool to play with for a couple minutes, but I can't see myself ever making extensive use of it. If I want to play emulated games with vector scaling I'll use VBA or Gens. And if I want to display graphs on my PC there are better programs suited for the task than trying to fake it with an imaginary calc.
I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment, DShiznit, but I think it's a pretty cool technique, considering that it should be impossible to extract more information from a low-resolution image than it contains, it you try to think about it logically. I indeed saw that paper to which you're referring, Ben, and I thought it was cool (although not horribly useful) stuff. Perhaps I'm just missing the utility. Chronomex, I agree that it would be interesting, but as DShiznit says, I would probably use it for the fun and novelty, then switch back to normal, unmodified scaling.
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