TI has announced the US-wide winner of the GraphiTI contest. The winner was Alysandra Ganem of Michigan for "Schools In and Math rules!"

For this she has won a $1000 dollar shopping spree, 30 TI-84+SE calculators, and a TI-Navigator

<personal_opinion>WTF???? A two year-old chimp could have made a better design!!</personal_opinion>
blargh Bad Idea
DarkAuron (if I remember correctly) had a really good one. I could have one that, easily, or t least took her out of state level
This gets a positive Razz.
I wonder how TI is going to market this Laughing
Hmm, I somehow think that that should be interesting...
That is an ugly, uncreative piece of shit. Bad Idea
I concur. Smile
At least some of the state winners were decent.
As a rule they're pretty sucky, but only because people had to use that stupid flash tool instead of being able to use PS or the GIMP.
just about the only reason I didn't make one is that the site almost killed my computer
ROFL...this site?! why??
I have no idea, but my computer would go to a crawl there
Probably because their site is so gfx-intensive.
Someone should have made one with Blub on it. That would have been cool.
Aye, it would have...
I'll reserve my judgement on the winner's design Wink Laughing
In other words, you think it sucks? Very Happy Cool
It goes far beyond that Very Happy Laughing
Yeah, I think we've established that it's pretty horrendous. Smile
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