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Transcript of conversation on core processor, 3/22/05:

Ultimate Dev'r: I have a lot of processors to choose from.
KermMartian: this is true
KermMartian: probably more powerful than the z80
KermMartian: but if we piggyback
Ultimate Dev'r: Now, before we begin, we need to decide how powerful it needs to be.
KermMartian: on the current hw,
KermMartian: we won't need to rewrite
KermMartian: the OS yet
KermMartian: OK, here's what we need:
KermMartian: 1. ability to interface RAM up to 128k
KermMartian: 2. ability to interface ROM up to 16 MB
KermMartian: 3. Ability to interface at least 8 different haardware devices
KermMartian: 4. Fast ram shadowing
KermMartian: (for color screen)
KermMartian: 5. data buffering
KermMartian: (for link port communications and internet access)
KermMartian: 6. low power consumption
KermMartian: anything else?
Ultimate Dev'r: Yes; I have a whole list of things to add. Just give me a sec to get out the list.
Ultimate Dev'r: Okay.
Ultimate Dev'r: Serial ROM
Ultimate Dev'r: Color Screen
Ultimate Dev'r: Audio
Ultimate Dev'r: Wireless Comms
Ultimate Dev'r: Mem Card Slot
Ultimate Dev'r: External interface port
Ultimate Dev'r: USB
Ultimate Dev'r: IR Keyboard
Ultimate Dev'r: RAM
Ultimate Dev'r: Power
Ultimate Dev'r: So, the question now is whether or not we should build a new calc.
KermMartian: not
KermMartian: yet
KermMartian: so the stuff you wrote means we need this:
KermMartian: an 8-bit chip bus for external stuff
Ultimate Dev'r: Okay, then I know of a few key low-power PICs we can use.
KermMartian: maybe 64 MHz minimum
KermMartian: is that OK?
Ultimate Dev'r: That sounds a little high, since the linkport can only be toggled at around 4 MHz max.
KermMartian: right
KermMartian: but we can delay the PIC
KermMartian: so that it can handle
KermMartian: all of the I/O devices
KermMartian: without bogging down to below 4 MHz
Ultimate Dev'r: Ah; slow it down for Calc transmissions, then speed it up for everything elese.
KermMartian: exactly
KermMartian: because in between link port pulses
KermMartian: it might need to
KermMartian: update the color screen
KermMartian: work on a TCP/IP
KermMartian: connection, and
KermMartian: verify that the wireless network is still intact
KermMartian: see?
Ultimate Dev'r: Hmm...I get you.
Ultimate Dev'r: Do you think that we should get a microcontroller with onboard USB Host? For like USB Keydrives and stuff.
Ultimate Dev'r: Or is that overkill?
Ultimate Dev'r: Let's see...The fastest PIC you can get now is 40 MHz, Ubicom SX processors are looking good, Atmel's ARM processors are what powers GBA's, and Xilinx's Spartan processors power video cards. I'm thinking we either go after the SX or AVR processors.
Ultimate Dev'r: Ohhh...ATmega6490
KermMartian: overkill usb
KermMartian: ARM isn't a bad idea
Ultimate Dev'r: Now ARM is overkill.
Ultimate Dev'r: We don't need a 32 bit processor.
Ultimate Dev'r: Or a bazillion pin IC.
Ultimate Dev'r: Very Happy
KermMartian: lol
KermMartian: no 16 bit is fine
Ultimate Dev'r: How about making the calc be able to hook up to a computer through USB, much like how the TI84+SE does.
KermMartian: what cfan we get that's 15 bit maybe 24 MHz and 8 bit bus
Ultimate Dev'r: Well, that ATMega that I put up is 64-Kbyte self-programming Flash Program Memory, 4-Kbyte SRAM, 2-KByte EEPROM, 8 Channel 10-bit A/D-converter. JTAG interface for on-chip-debug. 4 X 40 Segment LCD Driver. Up to 16 MIPS throughput at 16 MHz. 1.8 - 5.5 Volt Operation.
KermMartian: hmm
KermMartian: that sounds good
KermMartian: we could use the lcd driver outputs as the output bus
KermMartian: but what about an input bus?
KermMartian: or is there one with a 2-way bus?
Ultimate Dev'r: It has 68 I/O pins
Ultimate Dev'r: Or a 52 pin SX controller that runs at 70 MHz, 40 I/O pins, 4MB onboard flash.
Ultimate Dev'r:
Ultimate Dev'r:
Ultimate Dev'r: That smily should be X - D
Ultimate Dev'r: No spaces between X and D
KermMartian: I don't see a smiley
KermMartian: now THAT is overkill
KermMartian: let's go w/ the first one
KermMartian: how much?
Ultimate Dev'r: Let's see...
Ultimate Dev'r: Very Happy I found two places in my area that sell components ! Very Happy
Ultimate Dev'r: Um, the fisrt one only goes to 16 MHZ Sad
Ultimate Dev'r: I'm thinking we should go with the first one; smaller, less pins, and faster.
KermMartian: you mean the second one
KermMartian: I like the first better
KermMartian: in 16 MHz
Ultimate Dev'r: Whichever one's the SX controller.
KermMartian: The MIPS value is good enough that it can keep up
KermMartian: as long as it's not a silver
KermMartian: even so it's OK
Ultimate Dev'r: Well, I couldn't find anyone who sells the first one; looking for the second one as we speak.
Ultimate Dev'r: $7
KermMartian: Surprised
KermMartian: that's crazy cheap
KermMartian: out of curiosity, what do z80s come in?
KermMartian: we could make a dual z80 system
Ultimate Dev'r: What do you mean what do they come in? As in their package type?
KermMartian: as in speeds
KermMartian: I know they're mostly SMICs
Ultimate Dev'r: Slow and Slower LOL
Ultimate Dev'r: Let's see, there's eZ80, Z80, and Z180.
KermMartian: lol
KermMartian: MHz? MIPS?
Ultimate Dev'r: eZ80 - 50 MHz
KermMartian: z80 is... only 6 MHz and 15 MHz?
Ultimate Dev'r: Z80 - 4 to 20 MHz
Ultimate Dev'r: Z180 - you don't wanna know..
KermMartian: lol
KermMartian: lemme guess 1-4 MHZ?
Ultimate Dev'r: 4 - 12 MHz
KermMartian: how about a 20 MHz z80 interfaced to the core processor to act as an external I/O system?
KermMartian: Then you don't need to mod the OS at all
Ultimate Dev'r: But where would you interface the second processor to? The linkport?
Ultimate Dev'r: Just found Atmel processors on EBay...not too cheap...$20 each.
KermMartian: not the linkport
KermMartian: too slow
KermMartian: hmm
KermMartian: I have to go, but I'll post this conversation on the RE/BE forum
Okay, here we go!

Processor: Ubicom SX52BD/PQ (Formerly Scenix Processors)

Also, I'm thinking we should add MP3 capabilities. I know it's feasible with like a Compact Flash Card or something.

Maybe Gameboy Game support?

Side Note: Color Sensors
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
Okay, here we go!

Processor: Ubicom SX52BD/PQ (Formerly Scenix Processors)

Looks good. I'm checking out the datasheet now.

Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
Also, I'm thinking we should add MP3 capabilities. I know it's feasible with like a Compact Flash Card or something.

We can do that without Compact Flash.

Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
Maybe Gameboy Game support?

Nah, let's leave that out.
Also, I'm thinking we should add MP3 capabilities. I know it's feasible with like a Compact Flash Card or something.

We can do that without Compact Flash.

:huh: Then what do you suggest we use then?
If we have enough RAM and ROM, we can store some decent MIDIs in it. Even with a piggybacked system full mp3 isn't feasible.
Hate to break it to you, but NOBODY LISTENS TO MIDI FILES!!!

Also, all we have to do is load the playlist to the calc, and have the calc control the basic functions, like pause, rewind, etc., then have the SX go to an MP3 decoder chip, which then goes to an amplifier, which then goes to the internal speakers Smile Of course, we could disable all other devices while the MP3 player is running, since you really don't need WiFi or any other support while you're listening to the music.
But that's putting an MP3 player inside the case! Do we really need that??
I hate to get in to a conversation that I don't really understand but mp3 playing abilities would be higher on the list of desireable functions than wifi or tcp/ip. Also along the same lines, would mp3/wma be possible? Almost all my music is wma.
MP3 yes, not sure about WMA. Why are your files WMA?
They're both fairly simple to encode for playback.
They are similar, my mp3 player plays them both. Most of my music is wma because first it is smaller, and second I use windows media player.
i do pritty much all my music with the apple aac format 320Kbps so im screwed anyway
Laughing Why? Do you use a Mac?
no, i bought a ipod and started uploading all my cds then relized it was in aac, didn't bother me so i just moved it to 320 because im an audiophile wana be
I don't see why people buy iPods...but I'm not going to get into that right now.

You do know about the iPod's battery issues, right?
yes, and i relized that even though every 100 or so times you run through the battery (completly) you need to send it down to them and they give you a new case over an some ones ipod with a new battery, theres no issue, and working as a apple programmer is sort of my little dream the Infinite Loop looks just too a cool. Ok back to the subject now
Have you read the PopSci article on how to replace those batteries yourself?

Anyways, I just found out that my PIC programmer (software) is compatible with the SX52BD\PQ processor.
This is true of all LiIon rechargeable; laptops generally have batts with 500-cycle lives.
Now then; I've been experimenting with PICs today to prepare for when I get the cash to buy the SX chip. So far so good. Smile

EDIT: Pics for everyone! Very Happy Laughing

ASM Source file:

;KyleCorp. Button Press Demo
;Created: March 24, 2005
;Copyright 2005 KyleCorp. and Kyle Bond. All Rights Reserved.
   LIST    P=16F84A
   #include ""
   ERRORLEVEL      -302
trisa equ 085h
porta equ 05h 
status equ 03h 
   ORG   0x00
   bsf status,5          ;Switch to Bank1
   movlw b'10000'          ;Set RA4 to input
   movwf trisa          ;Setup ports
   bcf status,5          ;Switch back to Bank0
   movlw b'1111'
   movwf porta          ;Set RA0 - RA3 high
   btfss porta,4          ;Button pressed?
   goto Chk2              ;Wait until button is pressed
   movlw b'0000'
   movwf porta          ;When button is pressed, turn off the LED's
   btfsc porta,4          ;Button released?
   goto Chk3             ;Wait until button is released
   goto Chk             ;Loop back around to turning the LED's back on again
;*Remember, since RA4 is at ST levels instead of TTL levels, you can't source any current from this pin*
;But this only applies to you if you want to edit this code in any way.

Hex File:

Laughing Does this crash like last time? Smile
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