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The only obstacle standing in our way is the following function, the one that continously updates the bot's move destination. If I could just find the code called when toybox spawns bots, I could do it so easily...

EDIT: Ok, it was easy finding the toybox code, but I'm having an impossible time finding the addbot(%client) function. Unfortunately, Google Desktop doesn't index the content of.cs files, so I can't just do a quick, simple search. Sad
Hey Jon - I know how to do timeout functions. I'm gonna test it...
Oh, btw, here are some useful functions, in case you hadn't discovered them for yourself:
    listclients(); //access to the elusive null numbers!
    addbot(%client); //adds a following bot - must find code for this!
    <player's null number>.player //the player object - you can have lots of fun messing around with this object Very Happy
    <bot/bot's null number>.setshapename(%name); //gives the bot a name that other people see

As I noted, we MUST find the code for addbot() - it contains the secret to making a following bot. From there, we just have to change the client parameters and arm the bot.
Ahhh, excellent, excellent...
I just joined the Blockland forums - I'll start a bot thread as soon as I get the confirmation email.
You probably won't get it until this evening. Here's a tip: don't post on the official blockland forums. Badspot hates TBM. Post instead on
Oh, ok, thanks for the tip. Good Idea
OK, I almost got it working...
Edit: check out the code in killbots.cs...
a you Kerm, and you ability to spend 18 hours a day working on Blockland. I was gonna get this! Laughing

I swear, I checked killbots.cs, and it didn't have the addbot() function... Confused
rotfl...get "Info(something) Search and Replace"
What? Question
It's a program - you set search directory, subdirs, search string, filestypes, and it'll search within any type of file. You can also make it replace every instance of the search string with something else.
Gah...I relied on GoogleDesktop, which doesn't index the content of non-text files, even if they're text files with a different extension tacked on Sad

What's the path for that? I could have sworn that I looked at killbots.cs, and I didn't see it...
errrr...tbm/server/scripts I believe?
I must have been looking at common\server\scripts\killbots.cs. Oops. Razz
ROTFL...good job! Razz
On second thought, I HAD looked at that file. I had skipped over it because I thought it was some sort of model file (because it's killbots.cs.dso), but now I see at the top it has all the bot functions. Not quite what I was hoping for, but it's a start.

DTS/DIF = model
CS = C# Code
CS.DSO = Compiled C# code
Well, it must be decompiled, I says! I need to know how addbot() works!
Could you repost that code you showed me on AIM yesterday?
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