So, yesterday my phone slipped off my lap as I stood up to get out of my car. It landed on the concrete and the glass shattered. Not a huge deal (anymore), because (as predicted by the Simpsons) older gen iPhones are quite cheap and easy to repair. A new replacement iPhone 3G "screen" kit (including tools and such) is purchasable for only $8.50

So here's what my phone looks like right now:

I've been in the mood to document all my random projects, so I'll be posting up random pics and instructions to bother you guys with whenever I order and receive my kit. :B
Ouch. I've seen one other iPhone like this. A guest came in to buy a case for her phone. As soon as she bought it she took out her phone. I commented on the screen and she said that she had wished she bought the case earlier Very Happy

Not sure it would have helped, but a case is better protection than none.
Indeed. And just before I broke this, I had taken the case off temporarily during the day because the temperatures were making my phone really hot in its case. After that someone knocked the case on the ground and stepped on it. It broke because it was open and vulnerable, and didn't have the iPhone inside of it to help brace it. We've got painters and builders going through our house constantly right now, so I can't imagine it wasn't any of them. LOL

Anyway, the case broke and then the glass shattered. It won't be hard (or expensive) to fix, though!
No, the screen did not shatter. If the screen shattered, then the display would have cracks, leaks, unreadable areas, etc. If the glass broke, either the front cover or the digitizer, then you can fix it with this kit. Be sure to distinguish between the miscellaneous stuff in from of the screen and the screen itself, Swivelgames.
Yes, yes, yes, I know this. Honest mistake. Fixed. I said glass broke in the first post. I was (and still am, sadly) incredibly tired. My apologies. >.>
swivelgames wrote:
Yes, yes, yes, I know this. Honest mistake. Fixed. I said glass broke in the first post. I was (and still am, sadly) incredibly tired. My apologies. >.>
No problem. Smile For lack of pictures, I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't in fact the LCD that had broken, in which case you'd be quite disappointed if you tried to repair it with a glass repair kit.
Most definitely Smile

Alright, I've purchased the replacement parts and they're on their way! Perfect timing too... Any longer and I might go mad looking at the screen through all these ridiculous cracks!!

Will update when they arrive Smile
(if my modem is replaced by then Sad )
Your modem? What's wrong with your modem? Sad At any rate, I hope that the fix is successful and fairly straightforward.
You should have no problem fixing a iphone 3g.
If you have a good set of T6 screw drivers that should be a 10 minute fix up really easily.

If you ever saw the cect KA08 Mini Phone it's just like the iphone 3G but harder to fix up.
Only problem with it, mess up that LCD and you'll be calling china for a replacement and a 1 hour do it yourself soldering job which can be tricky. Smile
Just FYI: swivelgames is now the proud owner of an Android phone.
MidnightMike, welcome to Cemetech, thanks for the tips. Smile If one is a calculator hacker, then chances are you already have Torx6 screwdrivers, unless that's not what you mean by T6...? And ComicIDIOT, that makes me very happy to hear. Smile
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