With almost everything done in this program, I am finally releasing a non-beta of it. A lot has changed since its first release and it has all been for the better. The readme is finally getting more attention and the program still needs a few other things to be added, then it'll all be released with the other updates I have sitting on my PC right now.
It has been uploaded to ti-news.net and ticalc.org. Smile
W00t. Hope this goes well for you.
I saw it on ticalc but as sadly I have no 89 I didn't download it.
/me points to VTI/TiEmu...the only problem is getting the files from the emulator to the PC...
And getting the ROM image.
legally, please.
TI has some IIRC...
I would suggest TiEmu if you have XP or Linux, VTI otherwise. (GTK+ is slow on other OS's). TiLP should allow you to get the files from the calc.
I've found that PindurTI is pretty nifty for debugging.
TiEmu is made specifically for the 68k and VTI is generally faster (due to no GTK stuff) on the older OS's. IIRC, PTI is made just for z80.
That's correct. It's not great for programming, since there's no clickable kbd, but the debugger is very in-depth.
KermMartian wrote:
legally, please.

Of course. Which would mean buying an 89. Mad
Too much time, not enough money. Sad
You are aware that people talk about having emulators on TI's forums and getting the ROMs and TI doesn't care that it happens. I think they only care that it's only available on their site and not going willy-nilly about the internet.
Didn't know that. I'll have to look sometime.
yeah, we discuss them, trade them, and everything.
*respectfully asks for ROM discussion to cease* Smile
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