lol, I would think it worthy of the elite news letter, after I get my article posted for the third edition. (Oh yeah, still have to make that template...)

And it makes total sense to me. Though I use While loops like the Lbl command by changing the value the While equals...
i cant submit to the newsletter til something happens with my application... which is dead in teh water... (huh... i typed "teh" and didnt correct myself... this forum must be rubbing off on me)
Well, right now, we are trying to bring the BASIC Elite back to life, though with all the projects Kerm and I have, it is kind of difficult...

And hart told me that he thinks the BASIC Elite is too far gone to be salvaged, that is why he doesn't post anymore...
well, i would offer to help...

the more people you have, the more publicity you get, the better it is... of course, that has its limits... you cant let just anyone in...

NOTE: if you were only to choose one person to be admitted, CDI applied, and he deserves it more than i do...
I never saw the apps, so I don't know if I can make you apprentices or not. It would help to have more help, Jon doesn't seem to have time for it either... Lets see what Kerm says...
yup... i noticed as much... i have time... since its not like i do work in Computer Apps class... (come on... we're making newsletters and stuff... its degrading)
Well, that's essentially what you would be doing here, is thast degrading too? Smile
well, if he making newsletters, he could design ours
Maybe we should just start from scratch on the elite. Gather willing members to participate, all would explain how we want the template to look, then we make it that way and see if everyone agrees. Maybe we can get this going again...
sounds good, but then we all have to apply again.
now I have better examples of my eleteness
Very Happy
Not reapplying, just basically revamping who does what, create a schedule, give everyone a specific job, etc.
TI-Freak8x wrote:
Not reapplying, just basically revamping who does what, create a schedule, give everyone a specific job, etc.

That sounds like a really good idea.
Thank you. I surprise even myself sometimes. Smile
Well, everyone has awesome brainstorms on occassion Smile
I started a simple template, do we have an image for it? And once we start makin them again, will the image contain the volume/issue number, or will that be underneath it?
I'll build that into the PHP script; it will be text underneath the logo.
Ok, do you want me to use the logo you were using in the pdf files?

I'll make it that members can set their color pref, r or b.
Ok, I will just take one of the big images, and make the template...
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