I am happy to announce that my Casino application is nearing its first public release.

What's done:

Walkthrough tutorial on first run

Still to be done before release:

Slight craps improvement
automate slots
past display board for roulette
optomize code

I hope to release it sometime this week, but the actual date of release I don't know (seeing how it will be whenever I finish the last improvements). I hope to have this out as soon as I can.

Note: Casino is a flash app meaning that it is only compatable with TI83+,83+se,84+,84+se. You will need 16384 bytes of rom free. Also I am having issues with the emulator because of a fast copy routine I am using, but it works fine on the physical calc (so don't play craps on the emulator Razz )
Most excellent.
yay, can't wait. btw, What emulator are you using?
Tilem. Its the only one that I know of that can emulate my 84+se.
Indeed. And it's a pretty good emu for all the other calcs too.
yea well whenever I use my fastcopy routine, it usually freezes the cursor on the emulator or screws up the dice for craps. here's the code:


;-----> Copy the gbuf to the screen (fast)
;Input:   nothing
;Output:graph buffer is copied to the screen
   ld   a,$80            ; 7
   out   ($10),a            ; 11
   ld   hl,gbuf-12-(-(12*64)+1)      ; 10
   ld   a,$20            ; 7
   ld   c,a            ; 4
   inc   hl            ; 6 waste
   dec   hl            ; 6 waste
   ld   b,64            ; 7
   inc   c            ; 4
   ld   de,-(12*64)+1         ; 10
   out   ($10),a            ; 11
   add   hl,de            ; 11
   ld   de,10            ; 10
   add   hl,de            ; 11
   inc   hl            ; 6 waste
   inc   hl            ; 6 waste
   inc   de            ; 6
   ld   a,(hl)            ; 7
   out   ($11),a            ; 11
   dec   de            ; 6
   djnz   fastCopyLoop         ; 13/8
   ld   a,c            ; 4
   cp   $2B+1            ; 7
   jr   nz,fastCopyAgain      ; 10/1
   ret               ; 10
; Critical timings:
;   command->command: 65
;   command->value  : 68
;   value  ->value  : 66
;   value  ->command: 67
Oh, you did use the DCS5 fastcopy routine... Very Happy
Casino 1.0 has been released today Wednesday 14, 2005. I would apreciate it if you would host it, Kerm. Should I email you the .zip?
Well seeing how it looks like Kerm doesn't want to host it you can get it from here http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/376/37608.html
Yeah, he host only his stuff. I can host the file, if you want, and you won't have all those numbers to remember. Smile
Oh I see Surprised But why did he say that he would host the beta? Confused Thanks for the offer but I never really cared that much about putting it on any websites (other than ticalc). The only reason I was looking to host it here was because Kerm had said that he would host the beta. Ergo: I thought he would want to host the 1.0 Smile
Sorry about not responding, something weird is happening. It's nothing personal, I only feature my own programs on my site. Smile Perhaps I'll change this in the future.

I have no problem STORING it here though.
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