KermMartian wrote:
Jonathan Pezzino wrote:
KermMartian wrote:
For which? What do you think of the ocean map idea? I'm thinking solid water with dark stormy skies, rain, and no bouancy in the water for underwagter builds.

How about adding an ocean to Cemetech? Or would that be too laggy?

It wouldn't be laggy, but there's the tile issue - it would just be a big lake. Smile

Unless you made the repeating tile water....
But adding that to the current Cemetech City would eliminate all the land then... Smile
It would? Oh well....
Yeah, that's why I want to make it a separate map.
As usual, Kerm is right. Laughing
Sweet. So I'll try to get started on this today.
can't wait.
Those who saw my Cemetech City build might be happy to find out I didn't abandon CemetechCity2, I actually combined the two. Smile
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