what's blockland? can I play? does it run on Mac's? I cant find a link anywhere, but it looks cool.
Cool, yes, no, www.thebettermod.com
that is one reason I won't get a mac (lol) but really, you should try and play, even if you just stick it on a USB drive and go the library or something
Exactly. It is TEH 1337XOR!
okay, sounds like fun.....
Check out http://www.cemetech.net/projects/blockland for a ton of screenies from my builds

And I had to delete Ult Dev's last post. Smile
Okay, but let's not get into virulent Pc-Mac wars here. So when's your perm server gonna get fixed, *nix boy? Very Happyq
Well, first I have to get it to work on a temp server...then see what I did to get that working, and apply it to cedega.
Dealio. Can't wait. Smile

Okay, okay, no making fun of me. Cool
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