Just wondering what everyone else listens to. Basically, the idea is to link us to 5 of your favorite songs you could listen to over and over and never get tired of.

Bad Company, covered by Five finger death punch:

I will not bow, by Breaking Benjamin:

Blow me away, by Breaking Benjamin:

Gotta be somebody, by Nickelback:

Burn it to the ground, by Nickelback:

NOT a place to rip on others for what they like. Just thought it could be interesting if people shared their top 5 favorite songs, would expose people to more music that makes them happy or whatever the case may be.
The lazy option would be last.fm Smile

However, to complement that list, here are some of my favourite specific performances on YouTube:

Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein

Rush - YYZ

Ian Anderson - Bourée

Keith Emerson (of Emerson, Lake and Palmer) torturing an organ

Placebo - Nancy Boy
It's all Japanese so any Japanophobes/non-JPop/rock-fans, may as well not even click Razz

Everlasting [Rockman Mythos Collection]

Monochrome [Star Driver OST] - note, this is cleaned up as best as possible and spliced together from its usage in the series as the song has no official release yet.

Song of the Sea of Stars [Vocaloid Megurine Luka]

Daibururariatto [Vocaloid Megurine Luka] The title is gibberish, don't bother translating it (or trying to pronounce it for that matter O_o )

GRAVITY Ø [Aqua Timez / Star Driver OST]
Hmm, five songs, that's gonna be tricky.

Nightwish - Amaranth

Sonata Arctica - Flag in the Ground

Dream Theater - Octavarium

Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff (Nero Remix)

Nightwish - Ghost Love Score
My last.fm loved tracks

Ensiferum – Lai Lai Hei
Helloween – Mr. Torture
In Flames – Dreamscape
Nevermore – The Heart Collector
Scar Symmetry – Slaves To The Subliminal
last.fm(because that seems to be the thing to do)

Jump In The Pool-Friendly Fires

Oats We Sow-Gregory and the Hawk

Nanorobot Tune-Tomas Dvorak

Swordfishtrombone-Tom Waits

The Sleepy Giant-Natalie Merchant

i tried to incorporate a wide variety to act as a better portrayal of my musical tastes. oh, and no youtub links because flash fails under my proxy system and i can't check to see if they are any good. these should all be easy enough to find, however
Quite an interesting mix there, shmibs; I don't think I had heard of a single one of those artists before your post. Smile

VNV Nation - Tomorrow Never Comes

Aesthetic Perfection - Living the Wasted Life

Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World

Necessary Response - Vapor

[:SITD:] - Redemption

Of course, I also have last.fm and Zune profiles for your perusal.
If you want something strange, here's a skilled Korean man playing bass.
I've neglected this for a while but I just bought some new songs today, so I'll share some stuff that I bought and some of my favorites.

She Said feat. Leighton Meester by Stephen Jerzak

Move Your Body by My Darkest Days

Disappear feat. Hybrid by Hybrid

City by Hollywood Undead *Explicit*

Boyfriends Hate Me by Space Cowboy
Center of the Sun
Dreaming of Andromeda
Halcyon + On + On
Eppur si muove
comic, tanner also was listening to My Darkest Days; it sounds like a group that matches my interests well! I will have to check out the new songs in this topic when I have some more time.
I bought another album (six track album, almost could fit it in here Very Happy) but this one song has been on repeat one almost entirely since purchase.

Lovestruck by Breathe Electric

I just love the background music and the vocals are equally great, but I like them secondary to the background music Wink

KermMartian wrote:
comic, tanner also was listening to My Darkest Days; it sounds like a group that matches my interests well! I will have to check out the new songs in this topic when I have some more time.
My Darkest Days has an original sound, they're great.
Hey, that Breathe Electric song is quite good! Thanks for sharing. Yeah, I agree about My Darkest Days; I'm working through different songs of theirs on Youtube.
KermMartian wrote:
Hey, that Breathe Electric song is quite good! Thanks for sharing. Yeah, I agree about My Darkest Days; I'm working through different songs of theirs on Youtube.
You should do the same with Breathe Electric. I can't vouch for their other albums but the album title after the song, Lovestruck, is really good. I've listened to their album in it's entirety a minimum of 40 times, while the song Lovestruck has been played close to 100 times since Wednesday, when I bought the album.

I'll keep you guys updated if I purchase any more music Wink
Bumping as I've got some new favorites.

Superhero by Simon Curtis

Cuor Senza Sangue (Odji de C.) by Opera Trance featuring Emma Shapplin

These last two are just a step on the explicit side.

Mind in the Gutter by Chris Crocker

Stupid Boy by T. Mills
shmibs, I just added you on last.fm, because you seem to share some of my tastes for obscure music.

My top songs on last.fm are skewed somewhat by the obnoxious tendency of iTunes Genius to insert certain songs into every playlist. Here's a list somewhat closer to what I would pick as my "favorites".

Also, 5 songs is a depressingly short list to compress the extents of my taste into. I could easily choose 5 each from Folk (Mark Heard, Mark Knopfler, T-Bone Burnett, Kate Rusby, Carbon Leaf), Pop-Rock/Punk (Yellowcard, All-American Rejects, Paramore, blink182, Jack's Mannequin), "Epic/Symphonic" (30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Evanescence), and everything else (Anberlin, Over the Rhine, Rise Against, The Killers, Eisley).

Here's my last.fm.
Dont have links but
Kryptonite by 3 doors down
Fight Inside By Red
Death Of Me By Red
Many SOngs by evanesence and Yellow card
Rock the Casbah -- The Clash ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=-QGeIQU_zDw )
Slim Shady -- Eminem ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=xAv0gt7cqtY ) NSFW
Hangar 18 -- Megadeth ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtsD2tBPZgo )
Guitars Suck -- Bumblefoot ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEOFMHgkHzI )
Dream On -- Aerosmith ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txlXcJDtDwM )

Edit: fixed bad mobile YouTube links
In no particular order:

"Bohemian Rhapsody" --Queen

I must second Ashbad on this one:
"Dream On" --Aerosmith

"Faithfully" --Journey

"Love the one you're with" --Stephen Stills

"Free Bird" --Lynyrd Skynyrd
Just some of my favorite songs.

Music Sounds Better With You - Stardust | Youtube
Something About Us - Daft Punk | Youtube, Spotify
She's a Freak - Infinite Mass | Youtube, Spotify
Sparks - Röyksopp | Youtube, Spotify
Ugly Girls - Kalle Baah | Youtube, Spotify

EDIT: Changed the Spotify URIs to open.spotify URLs .
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