Yes, that's right everyone, I have it temporarily setup on my WinXP Pro computer, for all to enjoy.
YAY, now to get my desktop going again to pley.
Oh wait, what about the persistence??
couldn't you load that Kerm?
No, and I don't see this server...I'm going to leave mine up overnight.
I wish I could play, but my lappy doesn't support OpenGL, and my desktop is down right now (OS problems)
Argh. Again??
well, I went to go install my bootloader, because it didn't install with the install of Linux, and now neither wanted to boot. I have a friend redoin it with
1: WIN2K (only for my MCP class)
2: WIN XP Pro SP2 (for main use)
3: ArkLinux (the version of Linux I will use)

He will also try to compile the ndiswrapper so I will have Wifi support in Linux
OK, Rivereye luckily got this all straightened out. Case closed.
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