Here goes...

First thing is first. We need to decide if this newsletter is to be saved. If we think it can be saved, then the following steps need to be taken:

1. We need to create a template of the page, and convert the first two articles.
2. We need to figure out what each member is capable of contributing to the article.
3. We need to get some more members, willing to assist in continuing these articles, so basically, hit up forums like Maxcoderz, DS, UTI, etc. Kinda advertise this to the big wigs. See if we can't make some front page news on some sites.

Anyone else in agreement?
I like the idea, though being an apprentice, I have no input.
You have input... We need all the ideas and help we can get.
Surprised You totally have input! I agree that the HTML template is the first step. Someone make it so I can code the PHP backend...
I will see about makin up a template or two. This will probably happen in a couple days...
Excellent. Images are in:
I will get started tommorrow hopefully...
Yay! So that should have been yesterday, did you make any progress?
Not yet. I have been workin on the tutorial first, then get to the templates.
Ah, Ok, cool.
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