I've never had a problem with the rosin leaving a sticky residue, but perhaps I just haven't been looking carefully. Smile It sounds like at least you have a good idea about how to take proper care of an iron.
MufinMcFlufin wrote:
KermM, my teacher always mentioned that if you left Flux on the circuit, it would get sticky, letting dust and the such get stuck to the circuit, or something like that. I just remember that whenever we made a circuit, he had us clean all the leftover flux off.

Speaking of cleaning the tip, is it just me, or have you heard of a tinning block? Neither my dad (who works in IT) nor my brother (who builds computers) have heard of tinning their soldering iron, much less using a tinning block to help them tin their iron.

I use one of these to clean my tips: http://www.wassco.com/Products/Edsyn-EA439-Dry-Tip-Cleaner__WAS-02-15439.aspx
Ah, I had actually seen that product in my school's EE workroom, but I never really knew what it was for. Thanks for informing me, Ult Dev'r. Smile
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