i just put it in there now, i don't think it exists anywhere else (it does seem really random)
If you added it, then I will add the link to the Rivereye Studios official club.
mike wrote:
i seemed to have missed this blub thing, what the h311 is it?
(well i know what it IS i don't know what it really means)

Diregard the others. It means absolutely nothing. Very Happy
Don't disrespect Blub like that Surprised ! It does mean something!!! Blub is the only fish with enough intelligence to realize that he alone cna control the world, and Blub Club members get a piece after Blub takes over everything!!!
(Hope this doesn't make me sound like some doomsday fanatic. Please tell me if it does)
oh its suppost to be a fish, didn't really put that together but now i see it
I would have thought that was obvious. Sorry.
Ahh, now I see what it is!
How can you not see that?!?!?!?!
(No offense intended)
I didn't know either, but thought it was cool.
I thought it was a winking primateform, with the legs on the left and the face, nose, winking eye(s) on the right.
I can kinda see that. It's interesting to see how other people see the same thing as such radically different objects.
Indeed. But it makes more sense know that I know Blub is an aquatic animal. Very Happy
yeah, and more reason for me to hail him. (check my member title)
Cool trick. How'd you do it? Blub commands you to tell me. >(<')
I think you need 1000 posts, but in profile, look for Custom Title. I don't know who can and can't get it, only Kerm does, I think
I don't see it in Profile. Kerm, any comments?
You need to be an administrator on the forum to change ranks (custom or preset) at all.
Indeed. And you need 1000 posts to change your own.
are there any other features of being a 1000 poster?
Not yet.
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