I was just wondering, with most webhosts does that size of the database go towards the whole memory used. My first assumption was yes, but from what i've been seeing at a free hosting site it got me confussed.
Also, what kind or size would a good sized forum bring in database wise?
Yes, it does indeed count towards total space. And for comparison, right now my forum database is 6.06MB.
See, now on my site, the database size doesn't count toward disk space, so it varies with the web host.
Are you sure about that? It's quite rare for that to be the case...
yeah, I hav 500 mb web space, and it showed space used .47, SQL space.57, space remaining 499.53. Note, these numbers may not be accurate, but the math is.
Hmm, very interesting. That's on your roboticalworld site?
look around in the FAQs and other support info. You more-than-likely have SOME sort of SQL max size....
That's my guess too, they wouldn't just give you unlimited db space.
Kerm: It is on robotical, endeavour has no space limit really, as long as I don't go over board.
Oh, OK. Yeah, I don't even know my limit here, I don't know if there is one for me personally.
That may be true. Soon, If I can build my own server, I will have about, 5gb Web Sapce, depending on the drive I use. May get more if I go with another drive.
I have trouble filling up my 50 megs of space, i don't see how i could ever need 5 gigs, unless i was running a big thing to store all my music on. Also i don't see why people need so much bandwidth. I (even though my site is bad and even i don't go to it anymore) gets nothing over say 100 megs a month of bandwidth (total site size is 12 megs with back-up). I don't see how peoples small sites could use 20 gigs.
downloads (files, movies, music, etc...) suck your bandwidth away really, really fast
that, pictures, and hot linking, but all good.

EDIT: My Page Stats (some of them) 500mb disk space

Disk usage     4.42 Megabytes
SQL Disk usage    0.54 Megabytes
Disk space available    495.58 Megabytes
the only loop hole is if the data base is already added to disk usage and printed seporatly because, well i can't think of a reason, but it might happen. Databases in general confuse me, I mean i know php and i use mysql a lot for random stuff (made a searchable pink floyd database for a new site im making this week) but i don't get how or why they are so powerfull
databases just hold info. nothing inherently powerful about them, but they can be searched really fast (look at google's ability to search the web datase in under a couple seconds, lol)
messages on message boards are also databases
well, i dunno... contained in Databases is more like it... if you had to have a DB for every message... eek..
you know what I meant.
yeah... but i guess it wasnt as smartass as the whole hoeing remark...
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