Surprised Really? It always works for me...
oh well, I got it to work my way, so things are good. Will write up new readme, maybe screen shot the program, and send it in to soon.
Cool. Might I recommend that programs with Elite approval have the Elite icon submitted as one of the screenshots?
I was thinking that too, just to look cool and all, first BASIC Elite Apprentice, and owner of the first BASIC Elite Program
Exactly. Plus, it will help raise awareness of the Elite.
yeah, which I will put a link in the readme, where do you want it to point to?

Soon it will be , but no just yet.
Ok, I won't release till the new name is up.
Seriously? Oh, OK. I estimate maybe 4-5 days (I hope).
Let me know, I have the screen shots ready, 3 screen shots, and the BASIC Elite program banner.

Also, are we going to make Jonathon's little deal stick or not? Just asking. (see newsletter #2)
Fair enough. The delay is setting up my PayPal account, I'm working on it. Rolling Eyes
ok, just let me know (try and do it soon, for the september download rush)
uh Kerm, have you gotten around to the subdomain yet?
See, I can't make subdomains until I have my own hosting.
ok then, I would think you could have parking subdomains, like have go to or something
can't you just do view source, and then find where the picture file is located and download it?
Though cannot subdomain a parked domain. But I really really really am planning on getting paid hosting soon. Sad
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