I have been thinking, is the newsletter dead, after only two publications?

I haven't seen Jon on the site for quite a while now, and I considered him the back bone of this newsletter.

I haven't seen any discussion about the basic newsletter, except for the questions, which nothing has been added for a few days now.

We were talkin about usin a new format, and converting to html, though I have heard nothing else of it.

Please tell me I am wrong, and there is some way that we can revive this news letter. I am not good at writing articles, though I get lucky everyonce in a while, so I won't be able to fill in that spot.

Just my general question here...
I was thinking along the same thing. It does seem that way. I think it will be a lot easier to start the newsletter once school is in session, then people will start coming back, right now, it is only the really into it guys who are here. many people forget about Calculators during the summer. I am not good at article either, but like you said, can get lucky.

I've noticed, anything with the BASIC Elite is kind of slow. Only two of the Elite are here, and the apprentice, I am the only one (I think) that posts on a regullar basis, so really, we also need more member for this.
Well, I still have that article, but we no longer have the reviews, or all the interviews... Crying I guess most of #3 will have to be redone... Sad

I am thinkin about makin the two that is available in html format, and postin on my site, for sage keeping.
you do that. I hope we can get this going again.
It's just because of the summer and lack of content. It shall be revived soon. Smile
yeah, I agree, I like where you are going, all people could learn something, even the Elite are not perfect.
Definitely, that sounds like a good plan. Hart, as a member of the Elite, would you be willing to try to organize some of that? Jon posted a topic explaining why he hasn't been on lately, he's been busy with other stuff.
Well, as I said, I already have the one article written. I might try to convert the articles into html, when I have time. Right now, I have things I am trying to get done, for calc and personal life. Once/if I have time, I will think about it.

We really need some new members on this, since we don't have time to mess with it... Sad
new members, yes, a little less strict for now, and as we gain membership, we can be more strict.
We really need some new members on this, since we don't have time to mess with it...
When I finish working on my new site, I can start on something. Until then, I'm kinda busy.
That seems to be pretty much the story with everyone. Well, we shall see what happens, hopefully people will pick it up on their own.
hart wrote:
If we do manage to get some new members, what's to say that they will have the time to "mess with it?" The problem isn't getting new members, but getting the existing members to contribute. It seems like nobody is doing anything. If this keeps up, eventually the BASIC Elite will die.

the problem I have is that I no longer have a math class to do my programming in!!! Laughing
I do, one main reson for me to sign up for math, programming.
Ahah! Smile

So it sounds like the first step is to organize the newsletter HTML template. I'll write the PHP scripting, who wants to help make the template?
If anyone wouldn't opject, I could type everything up in LaTeX and have it create PDF and automatically convert to HTML. It might take me a while to get everything set up, but it shouldn't be too hard. Also math equations (in pretty print) would be a cinch to add into the newsletter.
Eh, that would be pretty bloated HTML though... Sad
Well...half of that is only because not everyone has MathML in their browsers. If they did, it would be much better. If that was mandatory (and I could find an option to create that kind of HTML) it would be a lot less bloated.
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