So I have a calculator (TI-84+ SE) that need to be fixed.
A little chem accident rendered it pretty much useless.
A little while after that, the USB plug broke too. I accidentally sticked a bad USB cable in, so it broke, and I need to replace it.
Of course, I'm not sure what to buy, so I'll look at what's inside first, and then buy a part matching it. Smile

Currently, I'm desperately trying to open this.
The lab spill melted the plastic and such, so it's pretty hard to open.

Could anyone with experience with calc modding (cough Kerm cough) tell me how to open this guy? Wink

Pics coming soon (as soon as I can crack this guy open)
It's easy:
1) Remove the six Torq-6 screws
2) Open the battery compartment, remove the one Philips screw there
3) Since it's an 84+SE, be sure to also remove the faceplate!
4) Carefully (very gently) open the calculator from the bottom first, then gently wiggle the two halves until the latches along the sides open one by one. By wiggle, I mean move the bottom half sideways and the top half sideways opposite, then switch. Be careful once you get to the top; the latches are more fidgety there.
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