You made a banner for my forum, could you repost it?

The copy I have is messed up and will no longer display. This hapened to it after I made it the banner for my forum. Now it won't work on my new website.

Also, I need a redirect script or something that I can paste into my index.html to redirect visitors to another page.
for the redirect, do a google search for "HTML redirect" - its pretty easy
I used a java script one because it is faster than the html one, the age doesn't show at all but for those with javascript disabled it uses the html redirect.
1 second is too slow for you?
When I used the html one, I would see the redirect page, when it finished loading (text apeared before loading was finished) then it redirected. With the java one I couldn't even tell I was being redirected.
if its your server, you can normally set up a server side redirection. That would be the fastest
...If they let you edit your .htaccess files Smile
I used to use a js redirect with geocities, now I use SSR.

Thanks for reposting that Kerm. I've been on vacaton for 8 days, so I couldn't reply earlier.

Also, I saw a post about hosting for cemetech and was wondering if you needed more space. I'm using a free host and I get:

The only requirements? A single ad banner, also you have to apply for hosting but they accepted mine (they seem pretty lenient for hosting requests, you just have to give them an outline of what kind of a website you are making).

The banner hardly takes up any space. For an example, visit my webpage.

Just ignore the error at the top of the screen, its a file permission error that I have to fix.

Edit: I fixed it, I had to delete the current Rss/Atom Feeds.
Yeah, but it's on every page. Smile
Thanks but no thanks.
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