Get it at the link here:

Post comments here:
here! Smile
trying it tonight
Awesome. You guys saw the screenies, right?

but i'm gonna try it myself soon
Screenshots and info:
Kerm, you need documentation on how to use it, I'm confused
ditto... but i made a nice little movie of me screwing around with it...

i dunno if my hotlinking protection will stop you from accessing it, so paste it in the address bar. if it doesnt load, do it again...
woah, trippy screens, but I love legos, so I'll be definitely checking and trying this out.

I probably should've registered here long ago... why didn't I?
who knows, I can't seem to figure out the controls
Yeah, I probably should have posted this before...

Switch highlighted view: [<][>]
Choose active brick: [GRAPH]
Shift current view: [2][4][6][8], [+][-] tozoom.
Move QBrick (that's the temp brick): [,][sin] for X, [(][cos] for Y, [)][tan] for Z, [X^2][X^-1] to rotate around X/Y.

Standard arrows to move, [+][-] to zoom.

[up][down] to move, [<][>] or [ENTER] to modify.
tell me if this doesn't look like someone taking Kerm's idea here
kinda, but they did do it with a command interface... then again, how many people would have thought of making a 3D CAD lego game?
that is what I am getting at, now, when Kerm releases Brix Builder to, people will think he is a pirater
But if they came here, they could see how old it really is by the news. Or if they don't find it, we point them to it.
WTF, I smell an angry email to coming on... Mad Mad Mad
I tried it out am was instantly amazed at the level of energy Kerm put into this program Surprised All of the menu features look astonishingly professional, but then so do all of Kerm's. The main menu has a great logo that looks like a huge amount of time was spent on. I especially like the scrolling title header on the settings menu. The blocks were very well done, and the fact that its 3d in BASIC is amazing. Apart from that there are somethings that could use improvement.
Speed is very slow, but then again its in BASIC and what he's done with it is amazing, yet I hope that a future version will be assembly. Also to be able to use the controls with confidence takes awhile but there's nothing I would recommend to do about that as they are as practicle as possible, apart from maybe creating another section to let the user decide which key does what, but then again that would increase its space which it doesn't need anymore of. Next is how its sent to the calculator, I hope that it will be grouped for an easier user-transfer. Lastly the size is quite large. I would recommend using Zflash or something of the like so that you could archive all but Brix and unarchive what you need at certain parts of the program.

Last thoughts: Kerm this program is great and I am sorry to be so long winded but I thought you might want to incoorporate those features and make very minor improvements. All in all, Brix Builder is filled with professionalism that makes it look like TI or the likes put it out Smile

This is what I would say if I were to write a review of it at its current state. Great Job Exclamation Very Happy Exclamation
Yeah it is good. I like it. Going to be the first game I play in math class this year
Chipmaster wrote:
This is what I would say if I were to write a review of it at its current state. Great Job Exclamation Very Happy Exclamation

Wow, thanks! I'm working on cleaning up my code and trying to speed up the hidden-line render, so Beta 2 and v1.0 should be available in quick succession.
When you release Beta 2 plz give me a link so I can try it out as well. Also I have a question. To create the scrolling text on the top of the menu did you just have to text( it to the left one space at a time or was a much more complex algorith involved. I was just wondering because it was a very impressive feature that I'd like to incorpoorate in future programs.

to be more specific was it like:


While not(A
While not(A and X>0

or did you have to adjust for individual characters. I was just wondering, I don't want to steal your code, but it looked so nice Smile
that looks like it should work, though I think it is a wast of space in some programs for the fancy stuff, but, oh well.
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