yeah... it didnt help i was spawning jet fighters everywhere... on that map i had

about 10 jets
15 planes
12 cars
17 helicopters
a couple towers

it finally died with the member(1000);
all this stuff was in one small area on the map "buildbox"
Jet fighter? Where did you get that?? Smile

Cool thing in TBM: Press F8, fly around, then press F7. Yay teleport! Smile
umm... this is in AiO... it has lots more cool stuff...
Oh, right. TBM2 is going to ROCK! Smile
Laughing Now there's a scary thought...

I did see a picture of it one time...very weird.

Are there any tutorials on making vehicles in TBM, like jets, trains, etc.
Nope, but my train is almost done... Very Happy

I added some more pix, this time of my moonbase.
YOUR train... oh wait, you did design it...

there has to be a better way to do this...
Unfortunately, there 'tisn't. Don't worry, I'll give you credit for your help. Smile
thanks... but i'm not overly worried about it...

right now im trying to figure out if im getting a free calc or not...
Laughing Shouldn't you be trying to figure out why the train doesn't work? Laughing Just Joking
no, im waiting for someone else to re-write train.cs... since that could be the reason its crashing...
Ah, OK. Because I think I did get the hierarchy right the last time. The wheels might be screwed up, and I'll want to finetune the steering, but otherwise it's good.
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