Well, the contents of the first disappeared with the whole meltdown, so l guess we'll have to start this over.
1. You persevere in making a list of topen ten signs you're addicted to graphing calculators after the first one is deleted
2. You get excited anticipating writing a program letting you convert MIDIs to calculator format
3. You think it's cool if someone lese is doing that.
4. You have more than one calculator
5. Any of your calculators has a Tux sticker on it
6. One or more of the keys on a calculator you own is worn out
7. You can still use it anyway because you can touchtype on your calculator.
8: you have your own calculator website
9: you've helped someone start a calc website
10: you've restored a calc website
11. you'd rather write a calc-OS than maintain working backups for your website Razz
(LOTR/Calc addictions)

12. You carry your calc around, calling it "My Precious..."
13. You have a blue 83+, and swear there are orcs all over the place
14. You have a green 83+, and swear it is blood stains from all the orcs you have slain.
15. You have created a map of Middle Earth for your calc for easy reference

(Normal stuff)

16. Your calc(s) are your primary gaming platform
17. Your calc(s) are your primary computer platform
18. You always keep a calc in your pocket
19. You say calc instead of calculator
20. Your obsession has led you to a psyciatric hospital
21. Your calc can keep a live 'discussion' with you
22. You cry when the batteries run down, saying your best friend is very sick
23. You create addon features for your calc, turning it more and more in to a comp
24. You dream about BASIC coding...
25. And your nightmares are about asm programming...
26. You download pron for your calc
27. Some of those pics are of naked calcs
28. You teach your calc to cuss randomly
29. You know what each and every command does on the calc
30. You have created a small movie called "Calcs in Black" (Rip off of MIB)
31. You have a Wireless hook up on your calc
32. You can control remote control cars with your calc
33. You are asked more than 5 times a day for games for someone elses calc
34. You have graduated High school and still program games for the calc
35. You create animated smileys for your calc to keep you amused
36. You create comic strips on your calc, and send it out on the net daily.
37. You get paid for the comics
38. Your TI site gets more than 5 hits perday from google searches relating to TI games or programming help
39. Google uses your TI site to link to other TI sites
40. You check your forum every 2 minutes, looking for new posts
41. You check your stats at ticalc.org daily
42. You check your stats at calcgames daily
43. You check your stats on your own site daily
44. You have created a program to read computer codes off of your car
45. You would rather spend money on fixing/replacing your calc then your car
46. You have made your calc more powerful than your computer
47. You post on this topic
48. You cried after 5 days when cemetech was down
49. You have stayed up most of or all night working on your TI site or calc project
50. You have read this far
51. While driving on long trips, you kinda day dream up BASIC code and form it in to a game...
52. Once inserted, it actually works
53. You are more used to your keys on the calc instead of the computer
54. You type faster on the calc than on the computer
55. You have actually logged on to the net using your calc
56. You point to your calc and say "I got the bling right here baby!" Laughing
57. You framed your first graphing calc and hung it on the wall
58. You buried your calc when it died, had a full funeral and had a monument erected
59. You think of calc programming as more than just a hobby
60. You have a working printer for your calc
61. You carry you calc around on top of a long stick, and the screen says: The doom is near!
62. You use your calc instead of paper at a picket fence petition, 'to save resources'
63. Your calculator is connected to and controls your cars computer system
64. You have an SE calc and claim that it is maid out of mithril
65. You have made your own calculator case with a buit-in TICI 1.0 hub
66. You have nagged me to improve TICI 1.0 because you want so badly to use a mouse with your calculator.
67. You got fed up and made your own external hardware standard.
68. You've put more time into it than the entire computer industry has on USB.
69. Your friends ask you to recite pi "just for the spectacle of it"
70. You think it's cool to memorize pi
71. You have been described at any time as "addicted" to calculators
72. You agree with this and don't care
73. You're actually proud of your prowess with calculators
74. Your ticalc.org account actually has programs in it
75. You have made more than 1,000 posts at ticalc.org
76. You write or contribute to a TI-programming themed newsletter
77. You wish you could start a newsletter.
alex10819: i spent all of math class making games instead of doing math...
KermMartian: me too Very Happy
KermMartian: I think we probably all did

79. you have routinely forgotten to do your chores just so you can post on Cemetech...
80. You have all the colors of the TI-83+, just because "it's cool"
81. You'r devastated when your calculator's batteries die
82. You get rechargeables and carry a second set so you'll never be without your calculator.
83. Your first aid kit consists of 4 AAAs and a link cable
84. You programmed your calc to say "Goodbye" before it turns off
85. You make math games to impress your teacher
86. You make fake viruses to freak out your friends
87. You have made a real virus
88. You managed to do it in BASIC
89. You have heard of z80 asm for calculators
90. You are able to program in it
91. Your homepage is a calculator related site
92. You start to think of things in terms of BASIC ex.
"This work will take For(A,1,10000000..."
93. You understand #92
94. Your calculator has an OS similar to windows
95. You use your calculator as a computer
96. You have modded your calculator
97. It now runs as fast as your computer
98. Your calc has been mistaken for a computer
99. You programmed your calc to talk and give monologues.
100. You created an insult generator for your calc.
101. Your calc generates lists of the Top 1000 signs that you are addicted to it.
102. Your calc automatically posts the lists on Cemetech
103. You grieve when Cemetech goes down
104. You routinely port your favorite FPSes to z80 ASM.
105. You subconsciously look for the [PRGM] button on your computer
106. You upgrade your calc every year
107. Your friends think that TI-Basic is your native language.
108. You agree with them
109. You've discovered the hard way the TI-83+'s $C000+ execution restriction.
110. You know what the previous sentence means
111. When reading an invoice, you think about programming instead of money.
112. You know the difference between an OS and a shell.
113. You've written or attempted to write one or both for your calculator.
114. You walk miles each day just to post on your favorite calculator-themed websites and forums.
115. You program while walking more often than not.
116. You wish there was a way to program ASM symbolically from your calculator.
117. You rewrite TitanASM for this purpose in three weeks.
@109: is this only for the ti83+ or would an 84+ have similar difficulties. And isn't there a way around that by modifying the origin?

@117: Is this program open to the public Very Happy
118. You think in Boolean logic
119. You bought "crash insurance" for your calc
120. You modified your calc so it can plug into an electric outlet
121. You make memory cards for your calc
122. You dream in grayscale
-When we get to 1000, we should type up the list and post it on ticalc.
//I agree

123. Your ideal dream is a 1-million calculator massive parallel processing app.
124. You have eleven calculators
125. You wish you had eleven calculators
126. Each one has a name
127. And a custom paint job
128. And it's own unique case mod
129. You can remote control other calcs from across the room
130. The CEO of TI is your best friend
131. Your games are considered revolutions in computer science
132. You make a new "revolution" every day
--We should submit it as a "Misc. informational text." It is a valuable medical resource! If you have one or more of these symptoms, see a physician immediately. Smile
133. All of the motivational speeches you write have to do wit hcalculators (check upcoming frontpage news to see what I mean)
134. Your pockets all have calc-shaped creases in them
135. You change the OS on your calc every day
136. You create a new GUI for your calc every day
137. You got kicked out of a programming class for being too good
138. You spend math class programming your calculator then computer class doing math homework on your calculator. Laughing
139. You have spent at least 5 sequential hours programming at least once.
140. You consider it a personal crusade to install TI-Connect on every computer you use.
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