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MUSEINC Beta 3.2.1 MuseInc is the program that makes Axe music making easier! Requires DCS7(or Celtic III) and Axe parser. 144
Grammer Run! It's the simple run and jump game using Grammer. Enjoy! Read the readme file 296
Silence Another Point-and-Click game escape/adventure game. It's TI-BASIC/AXE/XLIB hybrid. Enjoy! 307
MuseInc OR 1.1 MuseInc is music maker made with TI-BASIC/Celtic III. It helps making music with axe. Please read the read me file for more information. 133
MuseInc OR 1.3 MuseInc lets you create and export music ON-CALC! Requires Axe and DCS7/Celtic 3 329
RTEXT - RPG Textbox Tool for TI-BASIC This program lets TI-BASIC programmers to easily display an RPG game style textbox that supports automatic/manual line/page advancing, adjustable delays between characters and keypress to display text faster. This is my first assembly project ever. Huge props to two Lv. 99 AS… 161


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