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Title Description Downloads Average rating
Entry A hacking simulator for the Ti-83+(SE). Find out coworkers passwords and log in as them to eventually log in as the boss, find the system info, and hack it. 396
Choose RPG CRPG is a text-based RPG for your TI-83+(SE). It is totally awesome (hours of play) and has many enemies, weapons, and armors. Fight your way through a dungeon to defeat the boss, buy new equipment at the town, and train yourself in the many dungeon floors with multiple enemies.… 521
Choose 1 and 2 Choose is a choose-your-own-adventure game as the name implies. It has multiple endings. Very funny, but rated M for mature topics and offensive text. 436
Choice, Choice 2, and Choice 3 Play the game inspired by Choose. Same style of play, but different author. A good thing to have on your 83+ to waste time in class. 215
Choose It A game made by the makers of Choose. This game can be very funny and random at times, for it includes a magic flute and an epic puppy battle! Sorry for the bad grammar, but please DOWNLOAD! It will amuse you and your friends for weeks. 314
NBA 3 Pointer v1.1 Look through the eyes of an NBA player at the 3 point line with this game. Become one of six players from teams such as the Celtics and Lakers. Gameplay is graphical, you see what the player is seeing as they look at the net. Game difficulty varies depending on the NBA player's … 578
Clash of Dimensions 2nd place winner of DCS7 contest BASIC category, Clash of Dimensions is a point-and-click adventure game resembling those of 1990's Sierra games. It harnesses the power of DCS libraries to make a game both fast and fun. You play as a person laid off of work, doing nothing with t… 490 8/10
Killer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, SP A TI-BASIC game where you are just a regular person going home from work one day. You see a mysterious tent, so you go in and pay 10 dollars for a wish card which says you have one day to do whatever you want. Not much play as you progress in the series, but its a lot of fun. 336
Choice 4, 5, 6 Same as Choice 1, 2, 3. 196


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