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INTRPOL8 If you have a function you can use the CALC menu to find a value, find a zero of the function or find a maximum or a minimum. What if you only have equally spaced data points available without any functions? It is still possible to use only that data to obtain a value, fin… 213
INTRPOL8 v2.1 Updated version - Added BESSEL's interpolation method and expanded the STIRLINGs and EVERETTs methods. Can now save the data you enter to a list. The result screen has been improved to show the data along with the result. NTRPOL8 is software that does interpolations, and is… 72
ATAN2() Uses the TI-83+/TI-84+/TI-84+CE built-in atan2() function to calculate the arc tangent of a function of the form tan(a) = y/x. Result will be in the correct quadrant. 80


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