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Fiddle the shell this is my beta release of my shell Fiddle 434
TI-Craft [Unfinished] The unfinished source code of TI-Craft, a Minecraft-like game for the TI-83+. 330
TI-Craft 2.0 TI-Craft is a game for the TI-83+/84+/SE. In this game you can place and destroy blocks to build structures like houses and statues. Other features include flying and jump power ups, electricity, and tnt. this also comes wit a random world generator to add a little fun to your w… 823
Notify! This is a simple program that adds notifications to DCS 7. For usage and syntax refer to the read me included in the zip file. 239
[SPB] Singleplayer Bukkit This program allows for you to run a private bukkit server. This is used to use bukkit plugins like WorldEdit and Essentials in any of your single player worlds. with little to no setup, easy connection, and no need to install this is the easiest and most portable way to use buk… 720
Fiddle 3.1 Fiddle 3.0 features a "slick" acsii gui, with a built in TI-BASIC console and a multi tasking capable core. for more info on the API or the shell please visit: 251 10/10
Calc Hub Calc Hub is a program that provides a central hub for calc sites. Calc Hub also includes a built in IRCclient. 566
Fiddle 3.2 This version of fiddle features an event driven API. Other than that there have been no changes since the last version. for more info goto 312 10/10


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