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Reminder- Winner of Cemetech Contest #7 Reminder is a DoorsCS7 BASIC program to help you manage, create, and remind you of events. It uses the advanced DoorsCS GUI, Celtic3 libraries, and xLIB libraries found in DoorsCS7. This program is very user friendly, and includes a calendar to help in adding events. This pro… 291 9/10
Itotooshi (version 1.0) Itotooshi is a game where you control a string and try to get it into the circles. This is a DoorsCS game, so you will need DoorsCS to run it. Run prgmTHRDNDLE to play the game. Compiled with Axe Parser. 417
Doors CS 7 Header Maker This program will create a Doors CS 7 header for your Axe programs. It has custom icon support and custom description support. 309
Doors CS SDK GUI This program provides a GUI interface to the command-line based Doors CS SDK, making it very easy and fast to assemble and debug both simple and complex assembly programs. 640
Prizm Falldown Beta A simple Falldown clone for the Prizm. It should not crash your calculator, but it is missing some functionality. 411
Prizm SDK 0.3 GUI Wrapper This program lets you create new Prizm projects and compile them into .g3a Prizm add-in files without messing with .bat files and Makefiles, which should make Prizm C development much faster and easier. 2133 9/10
ImgViewer This is a simple image viewer for the fx-CG 10 and fx-CG 20 calculators. It lets you open files from storage memory, and includes a converter to convert any type of image to the image format used by ImgViewer on the calculator. 7736 10/10
ChipEmu -- An SCHIP-8/CHIP-8 emulator for the Casio Prizm. This emulator lets you run many classic video games using the SCHIP-8/CHIP-8 programming language. Some example public domain ROMs are included in the ROMs/ folder in the zip file. Now with even faster CPU emulation and display scaling. 1871 10/10


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