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Quick Assembly SDK v2.0 This program takes a high level language of my creation and generates an optimized .asm version for compilation with most z80 compilers. Also it converts monochrome bitmaps to assembly or C files for z80, 68k, or C up to 320x240. The same QASM code can compile flawlessly for Ion… 325
A New Primes Formula This is a well documented run with the libgmp library. Anybody wanting to go beyond the current timeout limit (x = 4) will have to configure their web server to allow longer processing. It is a php5 script for use with Apache, but should be compatible with other server. Be sure … 551
Seklorean Primes v3.0a With this new, fairly sensible and straightforward method you can generate highly probable primes beyond big. In candidates.txt an example that holds up to all testing so far is p5M# + p5M + 490.That is over 37 million digits! Any probable prime discovered using these tools i… 506
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (Kyle Chiu, Beta) This is an early release of Kyle Chiu's Five Nights at Freddy's 2, for Basic, enhanced by my RAGE graphics engine. There are testing issues I hope the experts here can chime in on: 1. Greyscale tested on a REAL 83+ 2. General Debugging, testing On this site, as well as … 1046


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