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With 2 files, rullinoiz is at rank 26 among all users for number of files authored. These files have been downloaded 305 times, placing rullinoiz at rank 351 for total downloads of their files.

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Math Spitter Math Spitter is the first program I made and the only working program I have made in a long time. The program features multiplication, addition, and division. Basically, this program spits out random equations (solvable ones) and you have to answer them. It also has a timer and … 79
ASCII Slots This, this is art. ASCII art. Welcome to ASCII Slots, where you enter a magical land that's all text based... and ugly. I mean, it looks good, but.. yeah, I better get to the features. This bad boy packs animations, payouts (in the readme file), and real slot action. It's j… 226


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