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Color Timer Needs Doors CSE to work. Now has a good timer icon. Basic timer counting up by seconds. I have added pausing, and hopefully I will make one more update to display something different while the timer is paused. I changed the color around my name to yellow because it looks better,… 295
Celtic det(12) Helper Very useful if you are a TI-Basic programmer for the CSE trying to display color with Celtic. Read the readme.txt for everything to be explained. Clear or quit in the menu will exit the program and pause, showing you your final numbers, as shown in the final screenshot. Have a n… 236
100 Digits of Pi Memorise up to 100 decimal digits of pi with this program. It requires Doors CSE to work. The digits are displayed in 10 blocks. Have fun! 401
Quadratic Solver This little program will quickly solve for all roots of a quadratic equation, including those which are imaginary. It will catch all errors and works on either color calculator. Comes with a Doors CSE icon for if you have it, but Doors is not required. 5423
Timer This is a black and white version of my color timer that requires Doors CSE, but this one does not. The color one is found at It is almost exactly the same. However, this one will wo… 707
Song Lyrics CSE This requires Doors CSE. Send all of the stuff to your calculator. Run prgmLYRICS and choose your background. All of them are shown in the gif of prgmDEMOS, not included in this download. The included song AppVar is called SEEYOUAG. If you want to make your own songs, please rea… 267
Home Screen Text Aligner This is a simple program to align text in different ways. In custom alignment mode, pressing 1, 2, and 3 are hotkeys for different alignments. When you run the program, select an option (I recommend custom alignment because it allows you to move the text with the arrow keys) and… 304


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