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Title Description Downloads Average rating
Simple Refraction Program Program that calculates the refraction of light, simply use the F1-F4 keys to enter whatever information you have and once the program has enough to calculate the rest, it will. If there is a crit angle, it will calculate it, and if there isn't then it will display none. It also… 432
Molar Mass Calculator This programs calculates mass in grams of atomic structures. 825
Molar Mass Calculator 3.0 This programs calculates mass in grams of atomic structures. 1697
Kinematics Program that solves Kinematics equations. Detailed explanation included in the readme. 813
Text Sprite Generator A program that creates the code for text sprites. In depth description in the readme :) 753 8/10
Petals Around the Rose In this game 5 dice are rolled. There is always a numerical answer calculated based on a rule that the calc knows. Your job is to figure out the rule by rolling dice, guessing wrong (or right.) There is only one hint: The name of the game is the key to the game The key to the … 326
Molar Mass Calculator 3.0 This programs calculates mass in grams of atomic structures. 5358 9.5/10
Peg Solitaire A port of the ancient game "peg solitaire" for the TI-84 Plus CSE. 413
KSPedia CE The KSPedia tables for all the bodies in KSP, in the form of a calculator program. 445 10/10
Block Party CSE A port of the game "Block Party" for the TI-84 Plus CSE. Block party is essentially the same as the popular game 1010!, but played on an 8x8 grid. 466 7/10
Terrain CE Terrain CE is an isometric terrain renderer, included with a terrain generator as well as a map editor. You can generate random seeds and rotate your renders from 4 different angles. More features and perhaps a 3d model program coming soon! Thanks to mr womp womp for incredible … 262 10/10
Wordle CSE A clone of the word guessing game Wordle 314 10/10
Periodic Table CE An interactive periodic table for your calculator. Supports English, Dutch, French and Spanish localizations based on your calculator's settings 670 10/10


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