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With 15 files, exoRift is at rank 15 among all users for number of files authored. These files have been downloaded 5882 times, placing exoRift at rank 113 for total downloads of their files.

Title Description Downloads Average rating
Integer Color Picker For those of you who code on your calculator directly, this is an integer color mixer for the TI-84 Plus CSE. (Mainly used for reals.) Simply move the cursor around and select the color you want. When you press 2ND or Enter, it will display the value and save the value to V. 276 7.5/10
Notepad Welcome to Notepad! You can easily and quickly jot down notes here which will be stored and reset safe! 452 6/10
Reaction Time Welcome to Reaction Time! This is a simple game that helps you test your reaction skills and as well as have fun! Rack up that high score and challenge your friends! 268
Magic 8 Ball Need to know if you should do something quickly? Use this completely random Magic 8Ball to help! 497
Super BASIC This is a simple program which allows you to write programs WAY faster! It converts special commands, prefixes, keys, and data into a fully working BASIC program. 422
AppVar Reader Easily read AppVars with this program! 435
Percent Finder This is a simple program which does not require Doors and can help with everything related to percents! 579
Special Characters This is special characters! Special characters is a really simply program which saves a bunch of special characters you can't get through normal means to any string of your choice to use for your programs! DOES NOT REQUIRE DOORS 389 5/10
TimeDetection Template This was originally going to be an "improved homescreen" I was making but scrapped the idea and I thought I'd upload it to show how amazing it is to demonstrate how month and time detection can be great for programs. Depending on the season, the ground color will change. Dependi… 226
Doors Icon Creator 2 TIFREAK8x IS THE ORIGINAL CREATOR. I took it and improved it a bit. This is a simple icon creator for the CSE. 254
Aquatic CMonster Level Pack This requires CMonster. <br /><br />A 6 level aquatic animal themed CMonster pack! <br /> <br /> Difficulty: Easy 207
Minecraft CMonster Level Pack This requires CMonster. <br /> <br /> An 11 level Minecraft themed CMonster pack! <br /> <br /> Difficulty: Medium 1096
Trivia Answer trivia questions and make your way through to complete the game! Or make your own question packs and challenge your friends! WARNING: There is currently a bug which I cannot avoid where the level editor will sometimes crash. This is a problem with Celtic and I hope it … 316
String Replace Welcome to StringReplace. This is the thing you always wanted! It's super easy. You can find a specific series of characters and replace them with anything super fast! 194
ColorParse How does it work, you say? Well, if you ever were playing a game using xLIBC and thought "Man, I wish I knew the value of that color! It's too hard for me to search for its exact value in IntCPick!", this is the thing for you! 287


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