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TI-FLOW TI-FLOW is a port of Flow Free for the TI-84 Plus monochrome series of calculators. Flow is played by two simple rules: connect each lettered pair of dots (nodes), and fill every space. Flows are also not allowed to cross themselves or flows of a different letter. TI-FLOW featur… 563 9/10
Flow Free CSE This is a port of the well-known addictive game Flow Free. Pair all pipes, cover the entire board, and solve the puzzle! Includes 300 levels, from 5x5 upto 14x14. Special: you can set ON or OFF the labels, for color-blind people. Try now a game which is simple and relaxed, to ch… 871 7/10
TI-PLOW: A Seasonal Game TI-PLOW, a derivative of TI-FLOW, is a popular single-player seasonal puzzle game for mobile devices with 100 hand-made levels for you to enjoy. Race against the clock as you help Timmy the plow truck driver plow all the snow in the city. Can you complete every level perfectly? 338 9/10


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