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Nuke Simulation Nuke Simulation is a very involved and fun program. It is a program that simulates detonations of nuclear weapons, and you can view to see what it takes to detonate a certain area. There are many different types of bombs, and you can blow things up from a small towns to entire u… 933 9/10
Clicker Hero For Ti-83/84 Plus This game is a slight variation from the one on cool math games. This is a game that will not let you put your calculator down. It is so addicting! You can play it in class or in the car, and you will not stop thinking about it until you beat the game! You also have a chance to … 223
Final Exam Grade Finder This program will let you enter in your quarter grades, and it will tell you what you need on your final to get a certain grade for the semester. My entire math class swarmed me when I told them about this program. I hope you like it too. 318
Pong Original This is the original version of pong. It is very very simple, yet very very fun. If you like games, then you won't regret downloading this. Try out the new Acceleration Mode! 1839 3.8/10
Stackio This is a pretty simple, yet a fun version of the arcade game Stacker. The program is held on the -io screen, making it easier, and it can give you good practice for the real arcade game when you DO go to the arcade. There are five levels, and high scores, so the game is decentl… 324
Typing Mania Test out your calculator typing skills with this game! 176 5/10
Bubble Poke A ti-basic version of the famous game Bubble Poke! 227 5/10
Pong 2-Player This is a version of pong, very similar to the original version, of it being two-player. It's very simple. Get 7 points against your opponent and you win! 771
Bubble Poke CE A spinoff of the game "Bubble Poke" from the google play store! Try to get your score as high as you can by popping bubbles in a limited amount of time! 331 9/10
Breakout This is a ti-basic version of the famous game "breakout"! Try to break all the bricks before you die! 356 8/10


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