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Ark Ark is an assembly program for running compiled assembly programs from strings in TI-BASIC. It is built for both the TI-83/84s and the TI-84+CSE. Ark will run the compiled assembly programs whether they're archived or not. Ark will load the compiled assembly program into RAM, ru… 705
z80hex z80hex is a program used to package compiled assembly programs or ASCII hex files to TI-83/84 programs (.8xp). z80hex is easily portable and can be compiled to any device out there with g++. It will automatically add the headers for the TI-83/84 and the TI-84+CSE (BB6D/EF69) for… 325
NoteMan NoteMan is essentially a simple sound driver for the TI-84+ calculators including the TI-84+CSE. It can be used to easily interact with external audio devices (such as headphones or speakers) through either TI-BASIC or Z80 Assembly. It can be used to play songs stored as music s… 1010 10/10
Pong with Sound PONGWS (or Pong with Sound) is a Pong clone with audio. The audio comes through the 2.5mm I/O port (plug a pair of headphones into it!). The game also has multiple difficulties and a multiplayer mode to play with someone else (by holding the calculator sideways). This is built f… 1453
zRPG A very simple dungeon-crawler RPG with three floors and a boss at the end. Can you beat him? This game is only for the TI-83+/TI-84+ monochrome series of calculators, and it is also compatible the TI-Keyboard and the TI-Presenter. This was probably one of the very first p… 398


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