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Ti84+ Timers v4.0 This is the last version of my timers. It includes Setup for the graphscreen, Cleanup for erasing all possibly used vars (it's just a general cleanup-prgm I use at the end of all my prgm's), a menu to choose the needed timer. The two timers are the TMR3.3, just being a stopwatc… 283
MathGame1.0 I'm sure you all know the famous Nintendo DS game where you have 20, 50 or even 100 simple math calculations which you need to answer as fast as you can. It shows your progress on a daily basis and you have graphs of this progress. Well this should become a similar game for the … 504
Horner So here is the update of Horner. Basically this program factorizes equations of the type ax³+bx²+cx+d=0 as far as we would be able to go ourselves. Have fun trying it out. The updates are notified in the ReadMe. Bug reports or requests at 690
Vkv Its merely a second grade equation factorizer. 520


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