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Title Description Downloads Average rating
Cookie Clicker This is a copy of cookie clicker built in TI basic for the TI 84 plus CE. For more information view the included read me. 5958 8.6/10
Ball Catcher You have to try and catch a ball with a platform before it gets to the bottom. 2005
TextAdventure This is a fairly simplistic and fun game. Where you choose what you character should do based on a list of options. 941
Tower Defense This is a tower defense game. Kinda like a simplified clash royal. View the included read me for more information. 3799 4/10
Monkey Adventure You are a monkey that has to try and collect bananas without being captures by the hunters. 1540 8.6/10
CC 22 Rainbow Shooter This is a 2D shooter where color is everything. You design your character and the colors you use affect the stats your character has. You then try to defeat all the enemies with a gun and melee weapon. 735 7/10
Simon Memorize the order of the colors that appear on the screen. This is a TI-Basic game for the TI 84 plus CE. 1038


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