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Simple+Math 84 *Various Math Programs for Quick and Easy Use* Current Version: 2.6.1 Simple+Math 84 provides a slew of programs to help make algebra, trigonometry, and calculus problems a little bit easier. Fast and simple to use, Simple+Math 84 will be a great help for your math problems! … 493 1/10
PXL-DRAW CE PXL-DRAW CE is a simple to use program that allows you to draw characters, sprites, or just pixel art without squinting at the screen. You can easily set your grid size (min: 2x2, max: 23x24), switch between colors, and draw and delete pixels without any issue. Watch your drawin… 142
Pokemon84 v1.01 -REUPLOAD- After about a year in development, Pokemon84 has arrived! Start your adventure with Professor Pine with sprite animations! Pokemon84 has a large explorable overworld complete with 35 catchable Pokémon unique movesets. With a functioning PC system, the only limit is t… 140 5/10
Minesweeper CE Text Minesweeper For the TI 84 CE! Play a full game of classic Minesweeper with 3 difficulty modes. Minesweeper is the perfect way to pass the time! 115 9/10
Pokemon84 CE After about a year in development, Pokemon84 CE is now ready! This is a fully fledged Pokemon game with wild encounters, trainer battles, and overworld sprites! With over 35 catch-able Pokemon and a final Gym battle, this game will have you busy for a while! Currently v1.01 … 997


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