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Run Away A lot more info in the readme (that you gotta read). Help T run away from the F. Use the arrow keys to move. Press enter to pause. Press clear when you are in the top left corner to send the F to the bottom right. If you have a TI-84 Plus or 83, just download the versions you fi… 439
Tower Climb Climb the tower to win! More info in the "readthis". For use in Oiram. 479
PLATFORM (A Platformer) PLATFORM is a platformer for the TI-84+ CE and related calculators. In it, "e" must traverse a series of serpentine passages in order to reach the square. This BASIC program contains the main program, two subprograms, and a supplementary program that contains extra levels.… 398
BASIC INVADERS Aliens are trying to invade Earth yet again! Use the PALC (Piercing Atmospheric Laser Cannon) to eliminate them! More info in the "readme". 747 6/10


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