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Oblique Triangle solver This program will solve an Oblique Triangle, as long as you know any 3 values of the triangle. Example ( 3 known sides, 2 known sides and 1 angle, or 2 known angles and 1 side ). For any value that you don't know, input a "0" zero for that value and press enter. Once you ha… 766
Bolt Hole Pattern This program is all about giving you the X and Y points of a bolt hole pattern. You input the number of points (holes) that are to be equally spaced around a diameter that you set. Then you input the starting degree that you want the first point of the pattern to start from. … 467
Right Triangle solver This program will solve for the unknowns of a Right Triangle with only 2 knowns. Example: 2 sides, or 1 side and 1 angle, with that it will solve for the unknowns and display them. For any unknown value input "0" zero and press enter to continue the program. Hope you like … 779
Flats This program you input the number of sides you want and you either can input the diameter you want it to be within or you can input the length of the sides and it will tell you the diameter it will be. For the unknown input a "0" zero and press enter to continue the program. H… 284
Cords of a circle This program you input the diameter of the circle, you have the choice to input the length of the cord or the depth to the flat (depth to the flat is the max height from the cord to the circumference), the angle of the cord from the center point, or the arc length. For any valu… 375
Temperature Converison The purpose of this program is to allow you to convert one style of temperature measurement to the other 4 styles. On the main page select the kind of measurement that you have and input it. Press enter and it will convert to the other 4 kinds. Hope you like it. 442


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