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As of 10 hours, 6 minutes ago, Pseudoprogrammer had authored 2 files. The following statistics were current then, but may have changed in the intervening time.

With 2 files, Pseudoprogrammer is at rank 29 among all users for number of files authored. These files have been downloaded 997 times, placing Pseudoprogrammer at rank 262 for total downloads of their files.

Title Description Downloads Average rating
GSNAKE (un-optimized) An Un-Optimized version of my game. elfprince13 is currently optimizing it, 3 of my own variations of snake, time waster, can get frustrating. 356
Aunt Worm A clone of Badja's popular 'Uncle Worm' game but in TI-BASIC. This game is like Snake like game, but allows you to travel in many directions diagonally ect. 641 9/10


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