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BOUNCE2 A line that bounces around your screen. Simple programming makes it easily customizable, and easy to expand upon. Program is unlocked, but any changes are your own responsibility. Please don't distribute code without expressed permission. 531 10/10
BOUNCING A line that bounces around your screen. Based on a previous version, BOUNCING is similar to BOUNCE2 in function, but entirely different in code. BOUNCING runs on a few lines of code, and uses no variables. The only data BOUNCING modifies is your Window\'s dimensions, and the Ans… 457
GEneric CUstom MEnu SYstem A customizable menu system to be used much like the Menu( command. In replacement of labels, GECUMESY uses numbers for activating lines of code, then returning to a previous menu, without having to store the menu's data back into it's assigned string. By using this method, you c… 310
Document Processor version 1.10 This program was designed for the people who want to type up documents, and be able to easily save, and call said documents. It currently features the actual document processor, a document reader, organizeable archives for saved and imported documents, and GeCuMeSy for all menu … 429


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