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AGame Launcher - CESIUM with DRM This program is a modified version of Cesium, called AGAME that does not let the user transfer games to other calculators. It also provides a passcode feature to Cesium. Please note that someone with strong calculator knowledge may be able to get around these features, so Cesium… 2440 8.3/10
Law of Cosines Angle program This program takes 4 values: Side A, B, and C, and a rounding value, and solves for Theta, the angle opposite to side C. It uses the standard law of cosines format/equation. 2501
Rotation around a point This program creates a rotation around a point. Nuff said. Written in TI-BASIC Public Domain | No Warranty | No cheating 705
CircleIT Try to stop the blue circle on the rim of the pink circle by pressing the [ENTER] key at the right time! The game gradually gets more difficult as it goes on, so be careful! Your score is displayed in the center of the circle. Your high score is on the splash screen. T… 3663 8/10
1010! CE 1010! is a puzzle game, similar to Tetris, where you place tiles on a 10 by 10 grid and try to clear rows and columns. Try to survive as long as possible! Features include all of the gameplay of 1010, a dark mode, smooth graphics, high score, the ability to see your tile buffer… 20080 9.5/10
HappyCalc 4.38 RELEASE!!!!!!!!! This program will instantly brighten your day and your friends' days. I think it is the best calculator game that I've ever created. Programmed in C, and featuring groundbreaking humorous gameplay, you'll never want to stop playing HappyCalc 4. No plot spoilers please! 13815 8.9/10
LevelMakerCE This is a program that creates a tilemap for the 84+CE. Enjoy! 411


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