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As of 9 hours, 18 minutes ago, Han had authored 3 files. The following statistics were current then, but may have changed in the intervening time.

With 3 files, Han is at rank 27 among all users for number of files authored. These files have been downloaded 3671 times, placing Han at rank 139 for total downloads of their files.

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Graph 3D Graph3D v2.425 is a surface plotting application that has nice trace features, real-time rotation, custom coloring options, and 3D contour plots. See the included reference manual for installation instructions. MAKE SURE TO UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE FIRST (6030 or later)!! M… 1992
QPI QPI for the HP Prime by Han Duong. This program is a port of the HP48G/GX version by Mika Heiskanen and Andre Schoorl. Their implementation is actually an adaptation of Qpirac by A. Coulomb and the rationalize command from MuPad. QPI basically takes a real number r and wil… 743
SolveSys - Equation Library and Nonlinear Systems Solver This is an app that implements a quasi-Newton solver (Newton-Raphson algorithm with backtracking linesearch). The app comes with a collection of systems of equations as found in the Equation Library on the HP48G series (and on the HP Solve application card for the HP48SX). Users… 936


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