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FAKECALC A calculator program that simulates the calculator's math solving, but half the time it's random! Unless the answer is 2. There is a randomized wait time after you enter the equation. Replace the Version Number in the code with your calculator's Version Number. This version adds… 51
ACNHBASI Version 00.04.23 A Text-based Version of ACNH for the TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator, written in TI-BASIC. This game is based off of a game by @SilverMoonCat. (Link in Readme) Beta Testers (Before this was a public beta): Oxiti8 RoccoLox Programs 48
Coin Game Version 1.05.20 A TI-Basic Coin collection game (with secrets!). fixed credits bug and blank mode no-coin bug. 59


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